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I was referred to Stepping Stones Intervention by my son’s speech therapist.  At the time, my 8 year old son had been diagnosed with early speech delay and autism.  He was making progress with his speech, but I still felt he needed help with day to day activities that we all take for granted, like tying your shoes.  I remember talking with Mrs. Dawn and explaining my concerns, and things I’d like to work on.  After all the books, videos, tutorials, we could never help my son grasp the concept.  I was heartbroken.  How could parents not teach their child such a simple day to day task?   I remember the first visit, I was more nervous than my son.  He immediately took to Mrs. Dawn’s kind and gentle spirit.  I warned her, he could be manipulative and charming to get out of work, so she was prepared.  After and hour, she came out with my son, and stated that my son had something to show me.  When my son bent down to tie his shoe for the first time, my heart melted, and I cried with tears of joy, feeling proud of yet another milestone that he had made.  I just wanted him to do it over and over again!!
Since that time, it’s been 3 years.  Along with the help of Ms. Tasha, he’s learned to cook, write more legibly, navigate the computer better, patron stores and handle his finances, and yes, talk, text, and surf the web with the best of them.

Although, we have worked with our son at home on daily tasks, it’s been a tremendous help and blessing for someone to show him different ways of handling, learning, and approaching situations that seem like second nature to us.

I’m always amazed at his new endeavors and accomplishments, and will continue to praise the diligent work that these wonderful ladies have put forth to help him achieve them

Valeria is a visually impaired girl which resulted in delayed development of her growth. Our experience with Mrs. Dawn at Stepping Stones Intervention Services was incredible because she helped my daughter achieve her goals step by step. For her support, patience and kindness, she made the difference in Valeria’s life.


J. Loza

Since beginning occupational therapy at Stepping Stones with Mrs. Dawn almost a year ago, we have seen so many vast improvements in his developmental delays. They are kind, caring and truly take the time with parents to explain everything in terms we can understand as well as giving us the tools needed to better equip ourselves at home so we can continue helping him when he is home with family.


A. Omelia