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All tests are available for either on-screen or paper/pencil test administration. Regardless of how these tests are administered, all tests are scored over the Internet and reports printed on-site.


Adolescent Chemical Dependency Inventory

Useful in schools, adolescent counseling and juvenile chemical dependency treatment programs. 

ACDI-Corrections Version II

Used in juvenile drug courts, family courts, juvenile probation, counseling and treatment settings. 

Adult Outpatient Assessment

Designed for adult (male and female) outpatient screening or assessment. 


An adult evidence-based assessment instrument that focuses specifically on alcohol and drug use or abuse. 

Anger-Aggression-Violence Assessment (AAVA)

A test that focuses on anger, aggression and violence. 

Anger Management Profile 

An empirically-based adult anger assessment instrument. 

Anxiety-Depression Assessment

The ADA is used to assess clients (patients) that have anxiety and/or depression problems.

Defendant Questionnaire

Designed for adult defendant (male and female) assessment in referral, treatment and court-related settings. 

Domestic Violence Inventory

Designed for adult (male and female) domestic violence offender assessment. 

Domestic Violence Inventory - Short Form

A brief, easily administered adult domestic violence test. 

Domestic Violence Inventory Pre-Post 

Designed for measuring domestic violence treatment outcome. 

Domestic Violence Inventory-Juvenile

Designed for juvenile domestic violence offender assessment. 

Driver Inventory

Designed specifically for driver assessment without substance abuse. 

Driver Impairment Index

Designed explicitly for California DUI screening. 

Driver Risk Inventory - 2

Designed specifically for DUI/DWI offender assessment. 

DUI-DWI Offender Test

Includes a Marijuana Scale for comprehensive DUI/DWI offender assessment. 

Employment Barriers

Designed for evaluating job applicants' "barriers to employment." 

1st Offense Inventory

Designed for first offense (male and female) assessment. 

Forensic Violence Index

The Forensice Violence Index (FVI) is an evidence based self-report assessment instrument or test that focuses on violence.

New Test

Gambler Addiction Index

Designed to assess important gambler attitudes and behaviors.

Juvenile Detention Exam

Specifically designed for juvenile (male and female) detention (detainment, confinement and incarceration). 

Juvenile Intervention Assessment

Designed for juvenile program (counseling, troubled youth and treatment) intake. 

Juvenile Pre-Post

Evaluates the juvenile's present status in the here-and-now. Designed specifically for intake and post-treatment comparison. 

Juvenile Disposition Assessment

The Juvenile Disposition Assessment (JDA) is designed for juvenile (male and female) presentence evaluation. 

Juvenile Substance Abuse Profile

Designed for juvenile screening programs and troubled youth treatment agencies. 

Offender Assessment Index ............................

Designed for use in drug courts, family courts, municipal courts and county courts. 

Outreach Assessment

Identifies client resistance, denial, anger issues, substance abuse and stress management problems. 

Parolee Inventory

Designed for parolee assessment or screening. 

Pre-Post Inventory

The Pre-Post Inventory is a client (patient) treatment effectiveness or treatment outcome test. 

Probation Referral Outcome

A treatment, effectiveness, outcome test that is administered to probationers. Contains areas of inquiry that measure treatment effects, outcome, or change. 

Prison Inmate Inventory ..........................

The Prison Inmate Inventory is designed for comprehensive inmate (male and female) assessment. 

Quick Risk Screen

When time constraints and reading impairments are an issue, a brief, comprehensive screen. 

Reinstatement Review Inventory II

This assessment test is for applicants applying for reinstatement of their driver's license after having had their license suspended or revoked. 

Self-Assessment Index

Designed for welfare recipient screening in welfare-to-work programs. 

Self Audit

Designed for adult (male and female) counseling and treatment intake. 

Sexual Adjustment Inventory ..........................

Identifies sexually deviate and paraphiliac behavior in adults accused or convicted of sexual offenses. 

Sexual Adjustment Inventory-Juvenile

Identifies sexually deviate and paraphiliac behavior in juveniles accused or convicted of sexual offenses. 

Shoplifting Inventory

Designed for shoplifting offender assessment. Provides a comprehensive shoplifter profile. 

Substance Abuse Questionnaire

An adult substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse instrument or test. 

SAQ-Adult Probation III ................................

Designed for adult (males & females) probationer assessment. 

Suicide Risk Assessment

Assesses what are generally considered "core competencies" in suicide risk assessment. 

Treatment Intervention Inventory

Identifies adults with problems that would benefit from counseling, psychotherapy and/or substance abuse treatment. 

Treatment Intervention Inventory - Juvenile

Designed for troubled youth treatment intake. 

Veteran Information Profile

A self-report screening instrument or test developed for veteran assessment. 

Victim Index .................................................

A client, patient and victims of violent crimes screening instrument or test. 

These tests have been developed by licensed psychologists and are offered under license from Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. All tests are copyrighted.

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