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  • What forms do I need to bring prior to the first visit?
    Prescription from a Medical Doctor (Original prescription with Diagnosis, Date of Birth, Evaluation & Treatment as indicated) Insurance Card Current IEP,(Individualized Educational Plan), (If Applicable), Children in Public School in Special Education (Expires Yearly) Current IFSP, (Individualized Family Service Plan, with Signature Page), Children from birth to 3 years of age in Babies Can’t Wait Program, ( If Applicable) Expires every 6 months Psychological Assessment (If Applicable) Any recent PT evaluations within the last 6 months (If Applicable)
  • What should you expect after the Physical Therapy Evaluation?
    Answer: A report will be provided to parent in regards to interpretation of evaluation, goals established in plan of care, and any recommendations and/or activities suggested by your therapist. This will also be a great time to ask your therapist any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your child.
  • How long will it take before therapy sessions start after the evaluation?
    Answer: It depends on the type of insurance you have. Some insurances require approval for continued therapy visits. We are required to submit certain documents to insurance companies after initial evaluation. If documentation is not submitted in a timely manner, this could delay the start of therapy services.
  • How long are the therapy sessions?
    Answer: Sessions could last from 30 to 60 minutes depending on temperament, cognitive status, goals established in Physical Therapy Evaluation/ Plan of Care.
  • How long will Physical Therapy sessions lasts?
    Answer: It depends on the progression of the patient reaching their goals established in the Plan of Care/PT Evaluation. If patient has either reached their maximum potential with therapy or has regressed, discharge from services may be warranted.
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