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YDTP Program at Glance

Stepping Stones Intervention Services Youth Development Training Program (YDTP) is a high relevancy Social, Emotional, College and Career Readiness educational program that empowers at-risk youth and traditionally under-served populations.  Using the curriculum from “The Make-A-Way” foundation created by “Hotep”, the program overview is highlighted below:


Stepping Stones YDTP consists of four (4) components. The following summary focuses on the areas of support to help staff and students establish a new culture/ climate of relevancy, rapport, resiliency and resolution to allow for the education process to flourish.



Per the diagram on the previous page of this proposal, YDTP starts with RELEVANCY –  Bored of Education.

Scholars Make Dollars: The Real Reasons Why You Need to Be in School

Topics Covered:  Problem-Solving, Pursuing Excellence, Dropout Prevention, Resiliency, Wise Decision-Making & Life Skills.



Once we have covered and assessed the students understanding of the real reasons they need to stay in school, we then move to RESILIENCY – Keep It Moving.

Topics Covered:  Violence Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Resiliency, Positive Habit/ Behavior Formation & Goal Setting.


After grasping how to Keep It Moving, we introduce the students to LEADERSHIP – 10 Things Every Leader Must Know.


Topics Covered:  Leadership, Career Soft Skills & Life Skills: time management, choosing the right friends, positive behavior, adopting the right attitude, dressing for success.


Now the students are at a point where they see the ultimate goal which is graduating from high school! The students learn Everything You Need to Know Before You Graduate: REAL Talk to Prepare You for the REAL WORLD


Sessions are limited to Males ages 13 to 18

Sessions are every other Saturday .

Insurances Accepted:






Call to  sign up!!

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